Using Paypal For eBay-Purchases

PayPal comes handy when you transfer money from one country to another or go for online shopping. You can use your PayPal account to make purchases from eBay. Here are a few simple steps that will let you to but things from eBay using your PayPal account. There are two main processes. First of all, you need to have both the accounts. Then you can proceed to the purchase options.

Linking Both The Accounts

  • First of all, you need to have two separate accounts. Create distinct accounts for both the sites. Then you will have to link the two accounts together. Then register yourself up with the eBay account. You will have to sign up with the PayPal account to have access to it. These two processes are absolutely free and you need not pay anything for them.


There is an option within the eBay account which asks you if you want to get linked to the PayPal account. Click on the link to get access to the PayPal account.

  • There is an option called ‘My eBay’, and you need to hover the pointer of the mouse over this option. You will find an option called Accounts.
  • There will be several options on the left hand side, and from these, you will have to select PayPal.
  • There will be an option called ‘Link to my PayPal account’. You have to click on this link. You will have to log in to the PayPal account using the link. This will prove that you are the owner of the PayPal as well as the eBay accounts. Next, you move to the payment options.

Making purchases

      • There are two options that you get in eBay while making a purchase. One option allows you to g through the bidding process, while the other lets you to buy the product directly. When you make the final decision regarding the purchase, click on the ‘pay now’ option.


  • Press the pay now option next to the item that you are about to buy.
  • Then you have to verify the shipping address and the payment mount. If there is any need to edit the address, you can click on ‘change shipping address. After all these processes are over, you will have to choose the method of payment. From the various options that appear before you, you will have to choose the PayPal option. This will make you pay the amount from the PayPal account itself. You can use the login information of the PayPal account that you had linked to log in to PayPal through eBay.
  • Then there is another process of reconfirmation of the particulars related to shipping. After completing all these processes, just click on Confirm Your Payment option in order to make sure that you are willing to pay through PayPal.

The process is simple and easy. You just need to enter he details correctly. Using PayPal as a process of purchasing through eBay is a good choice, and it ensures hassle free payment methods.

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